Happy Father's Day

I haven't much to say at the moment, but since it is Father's Day I figured I'd give a little salute to all the dad's out there.

Representing the fathers of the world right now is Miyavi. ♥ Father of two adorable little girls named Lovelie and Jewel. So Happy Fathers Day to Miyavi!

(I told you, not much to say.)

♥ Myshappy


Lime Crime "Coquette" review

A few weeks ago I splurged on a product I shouldn't have, just because I wanted it. And I definitely don't regret it. ♥ That product is Coquette from Lime Crime. If you haven't heard of them, you definitely need to check out their products. I've been following their progress for a few years now (My friend bought me a few of their glitters years ago, and I loved them.) and I absolutely love the shades of lipsticks they are coming out with. Unfortunately, this is the first I've tried. But I'll be going back for sure.

The package arrived in less than a week. As you can see in the picture the box it was mailed in is ADORABLE with a unicorn on it. Wrapped in some colored paper was the, again adorable, little box that the lipstick came in. And inside that was Coquette in the most entertainingly cute lipstick tube you'll ever own.
Coquette itself is a slightly off nude. It goes on smooth and creamy, needing very little application. Which goes a long way. I reapplied once during the day, and that was after lunch. The color doesn't fade while you're wearing it. And when you take it off there's no residue staining your lips.

The color is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It isn't crazy, but interesting enough to catch attention. Not to mention it looks good on pretty much everyone (As far as I've seen. I dare you to prove me wrong!)

All in all...I love it. It's a shame it's limited edition! Lime Crime definitely needs to reconsider!

♥ Myshappy