Japan Photos are coming!

Never fear!  The first step of uploading them all has been almost fully accomplished.

It's just that I have about a thousand images to weed through, and organize before I can upload them.

Post won't be about days.  They'll probably be about topics.  Or an image itself.  Who knows!  Point is with some subtle (or being told...) pushing, I'm back to working on it.  And some art too!  (Oh my god, no way!) Uploading old stuff, anyhow.  Got to catch up.  I'm also going to be posting all my new art on a blog I decided would be my temporary art blog.

I'll give you the link when I have it ready.

But get excited.  Mediocre pictures are coming.

♥ Myshappy


Back to normal life.

I sort of fell way behind in the Japan updates.  But that's okay.  The point is I still have the memories, and will upload photos soon!

Part of the reason is I've been sucked back into normal life.  Lots of working, and other busy things.  So I haven't had much time to put into my internet life~ Well, not time to focus on it.

Work has been busy busy. I'm becoming a Manager (yay!) so I've got some extra work to do there.  And I've trained new employees three days a week for the last two weeks.  Very time consuming and a little stressful.

I promise I will remedy this!

On another note~  It's father's day.  Last year I did a little post about Miyavi.  My father situation is less than lovely, so to talk about it would be a downer~  I forgot it was fathers' day until I was already at work.  So I didn't get to call my dad, or my mom's boyfriend.  I feel a little bad about the second one, I may call in the morning.

But this brings up another topic!  If I made a post last year...that means this blog is a year old!

I would like to do a special series of posts, or just one straight up special post to commemorate it.....but what?

If you have any ideas please let me know!

I need help!

♥ Myshappy