What's my name? MYV 2011

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to go see Miyavi in Seattle~ It was a great time. I got to spend time with friends I hardly see, see a musician I have adored for a decade, meet new people, and just have an all around good time.

The show was on the 24th of October, at the Showbox at the Market, right on 1st and Pike in Seattle. The location is painfully convenient, and it's one of my favorite venues. The staff there is always really nice, protective of the people up against the fence in the pit, and the place is small so you always have a good spot. The doors opened at 8pm, but we got to the line around noon or so. Even though you can go into the bar an hour or two before the doors open and get a few drinks (Then get in before the line, it's awesome!) my roommate Amanda Leigh and I decided we wanted our friend Shelby to have a good spot, since she's under 21, and saved her a spot in line. And it's always fun to be in line and meet new people.
Shelby and Myself waiting in line.
I usually grab some food and share it with the people around me. To us, concerts are a full day experiance. And this time we were lucky enough to make a new friend. Chelsie came to the line looking sort of lost and alone, and asked if she could sit with us. Of course! She was sweet and silly. A perfect addition.  Not to mention she had a meet and greet pass for after the show, so the lucky girl got to meet Miyavi!

Our large group.
Slowly throughout the day our friends arrived.  And we explained to the people in line who looked miffed at our growing group that they didn't need to worry, because all but two of us were going into the bar anyhow.  And eventually we went into the bar.

Calah, Hannah, and Amanda's girl drinks.  Savannah and My man drinks.
We chatted for about two hours in the bar.  Even ran into and old friend from high school we hadn't seen in years.  Had long discussions about China and language.  And our jobs.

Bottoms up.
Fiiiiiiiinally, after a lot of bar talk and a lot of running out to the line to see how things were they opened the doors!  And we flooded in.  Making it half of us to the fence, the other half right next to them.  And, oddly enough, the security guard in front of us was one I had been chatting with in the bar.  Always a good thing to make a friend in a mosh pit.  After forever of standing, Miyavi came out.  It was just him, Bobo his drummer, and his guitars.  It was so....relaxed and personal.

Savannah took a few photos.
He was amazing, and so friendly.  Between songs he would talk with the crowd.  Someone would yell something and he'd talk back.  Sometimes he'd get lost in translation and those that could translate for him would yell in japanese at the stage.  It was all great fun.  At one point he asked for requests, since people like his old music.

Googling it.
One of the songs requested he was like "I can do it.  If someone can get me the lyrics." It was hilarious.  So the brought out the computer and googled his lyrics for him.  To be fair, he has SO MANY songs and it was a rather old one.  

All in all the show was wonderful.  I'm so glad I got to go.

Afterwards Amanda Leigh, Hannah (http://www.seisohime.net/), Shelby, and I went to Game Works to take some print club photos.  Unfortunately the machine went wonky and Shelby had to leave before it got fixed so she missed out on the photos.

Finally!  We got to see Miyavi.  And together.  It was an amazing night.


Two fun things to try at home.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few new subscribers of this blog when I logged on today.  It made me smile something fierce.  So I decided to share two fun little ideas I've had laying around for a little bit, that I did on a lazy boring day!

Two little things to spice up your day, or add a little extra something to your outfit.


Shoppingholics GEO Bella Grey Circle Lens Review

The first Circle Lenses I ever bought were the GEO Bella Grey lenses from Shoppingholics.  I bought them back in March, and just have never gotten around to reviewing them.  After all this time, I figure it's time to give my original lenses their long overdue love.

Lime Crime Chinchilla review

No need to speak or waste my time.
This colour is not for the weak or the grime.
You must be wild, eccentric, bold and legit -

You must be daring, and darling you must have IT.

Written by MatanzaBeauty

Lime Crime recently released their Lip Noir collection.  In the collection is their previously discontinued Styletto, a gorgeous berry red called Glamour 101, and a medium grey called Chinchilla.  The second I heard about these I marked the release on my calendar, vowing to be awake and online the second they launched.  Well, unfortunately I wasn't near a computer when they came out, but I got online the next day and ordered!  I didn't get the whole collection, unfortunately I'm not much for wearing black lipstick anymore, but I did order Glamour 101 and Chinchilla.  I don't regret either choice one bit.

They shipped the next day, and within three/four days I got my order in the mail.  In a hurry, I made my decision which to wear, and I wasn't disappointed.  I applied Chinchilla and ran out the door.

What to expect

- Lime Crime Mint to Be lipstick review
- Lime Crime Chinchilla lipstick review
- Lime Crime Glamour 101 lipstick review
- Apple of Your Eyes Dueba Candy Sugar lense review
- Shoppingholics Neo Crystal Black Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics GEO Bella Grey Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lens Guest review

- Shoppingholics Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics Japan Barbie Cirle Eye(ring) Blue Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics Geo Xtra Wt-B68 Forest Red Circle Lens review
- Soap review
- Organic do it yourself face mask reviews

- Various others

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Anna's 100+ Giveaway

Anna is having a Giveaway for reaching, and surpassing 100 followers on her blog.  It's definitely worth checking out.

She's giving away

. EYEMAZING No. 006 ground line
. Spring Lash eyelash glue
. Diamond beauty eyeshadow in green
. 2 Beauty friends facemasks
. MA*RS pouch (coin bag)
. Naildeco
. Etude House Sleeping Mask (small size)
. Minnie Mouse mirror
. a few product samples

And if Giveaway's aren't your thing, you should check her out anyways.

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Blair's Dueba Candy Sugar Violet Giveaway!

Blair is throwing a Giveaway with Apple of your eyes where they're giving away pair of plano Dueba Candy Sugar lenses in the colour violet.  

Go enter, it only takes a minute or two!

Photo Session with Syl & Lime Crime Review

The other day my friend Syl came over for a fun, impromtu, photo shoot.  Something we've done for a few years now.  I enjoy doing the photos, make up, and styling.  It's just a good time.  During this shoot, most of the make up used was new to me, and mostly by Lime Crime.


Forgive me!

Unfortunately, I lied in my last post. And it's been long since I made that one. But I promise posts will be coming! Half for personal reference, half to let people know what to look forward to here's a list of future (hopefully very soon) blogs.

- Lime Crime Mint to Be lipstick review
- Shoppingholics Neo Crystal Black Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics GEO Bella Grey Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lens Guest review
- Soap review
- Organic do it yourself face mask reviews

And various other ones that I've forgotten at the moment. Plus some music.

At the beginning of September I'm going to purchase Lime Crime's new line, so I'll review that. And some new Circle lenses are in the mail so they'll be here in a little over two weeks.

Thanks for being so patient!

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Over a month. Pon pon wei pon pon.

It's been over a month since I last updated. Which is terrible. Tonight will be filled with blogging, refreshing Pottermore to get entry, and Pon Pon...

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Happy Father's Day

I haven't much to say at the moment, but since it is Father's Day I figured I'd give a little salute to all the dad's out there.

Representing the fathers of the world right now is Miyavi. ♥ Father of two adorable little girls named Lovelie and Jewel. So Happy Fathers Day to Miyavi!

(I told you, not much to say.)

♥ Myshappy


Lime Crime "Coquette" review

A few weeks ago I splurged on a product I shouldn't have, just because I wanted it. And I definitely don't regret it. ♥ That product is Coquette from Lime Crime. If you haven't heard of them, you definitely need to check out their products. I've been following their progress for a few years now (My friend bought me a few of their glitters years ago, and I loved them.) and I absolutely love the shades of lipsticks they are coming out with. Unfortunately, this is the first I've tried. But I'll be going back for sure.

The package arrived in less than a week. As you can see in the picture the box it was mailed in is ADORABLE with a unicorn on it. Wrapped in some colored paper was the, again adorable, little box that the lipstick came in. And inside that was Coquette in the most entertainingly cute lipstick tube you'll ever own.
Coquette itself is a slightly off nude. It goes on smooth and creamy, needing very little application. Which goes a long way. I reapplied once during the day, and that was after lunch. The color doesn't fade while you're wearing it. And when you take it off there's no residue staining your lips.

The color is exactly what I was hoping it would be. It isn't crazy, but interesting enough to catch attention. Not to mention it looks good on pretty much everyone (As far as I've seen. I dare you to prove me wrong!)

All in all...I love it. It's a shame it's limited edition! Lime Crime definitely needs to reconsider!

♥ Myshappy


Berryz Kobo

A little over a month ago I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer through my friend Heather to work at Sakura Con. Which is a huge Anime and Japanese Culture convention here in Washington.

I went in not knowing what I was going to be assigned to do or what I'd do during my free time during the convention. But soon enough I was assigned to work at the merchandise booth for Berryz工房, a Japanese girl group from Hello!Project. Needless to say, I was in my element the entire weekend. I was selling merch for something I understood. Though, I will admit, I didn't know much about the girls to start with. But over the weekend, I learned quite a bit about the girls and made a lot of new friends. I even got to see them perform (Which was amazing!)

Rival. Not the newest, but one of my favorites by the girls. ♥

Along with new friends, a new band to love, and an action packed weekend...I also ended up on Japanese television! Of course, it was only about two seconds worth of film, but it's still exciting!

A screenshot of Hello!Pro time which showcased Berryz time in Seattle.

The girls came out with a new music video the other day, you should definitely check it out.
It's called Ai no Dangan.

♥ Myshappy


Princess Mimi/Bambi Apple Green Lenses from Shoppingholics.com Review

I recently bought a pair of Princess Mimi/Bambi Apple Green Lenses from Shoppingholics.com. This is the second time I've purchased from Shoppingholics.com and I'm completely happy with their site. The shipping didn't take much time at all. The site is really easy to navigate. And as far as I've seen the operators are very nice.

The first pair of circle lenses I bought were the GEO Bella Grey Circle Lens BS-205 which I'm going to review later. I also got another pair at that time, but that's for then!

The lenses came in a cute little box. Along with an eye mask gift for purchasing a pair, a cute little note from Shoppingholics.com, and a container for the contacts!
This time I purchased the Princess Mimi/Bambi Apple Green Lenses because I thought they were gorgeous (That entire line is!) and wanted to try green on my eyes to see if it looked good or not.
The details for these lenses are:
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Now for my opinion on them!
Size: They're 15mm which is a little bigger than the ones I'm used to wearing. But, for me, the size hasn't been odd. They do look a little alien by themselves because they're so big. But with make up they're not too bad. Though I am a fan of the alien look.

Color: I absolutely love the color on the contacts themselves, and I think they look AMAZING on brown eyes. As for my own eyes...Yes. I do love them. A lot. They blend a little more into my eyes (Because they're too similar to the color) but not in a bad way. They're interesting and I think they enhance on my natural color pretty well.
With contact. Without contact.

Without Flash. With Flash.

Design: I'm sorry, but have you seen them? They're gorgeous!

Comfort: It's probably because they're new, but they're not AS comfortable as my other pair of lenses. Not to say they're uncomfortable, because that's not true. They are comfortable. But it would be a good idea to keep eyedrops on hand, just in case.

Overall: I wish that they stood out a little more on my eyes. That being said, they look rather natural on me, aside from the dark ring on the outside. I love them, though. And I plan on buying the rest of the Princess Mimi set~ I think my next endeavor will be brown. I've seen it on other girls with light eyes and it looks fantastic.

Go buy from Shoppingholics.com!!

♥ ♥ ♥ Myshappy

ℳichi's Ⓢponsor Ⓖiveaway!

Michi over at KiLaKiLa Glam is hosting a giveaway of some pretty wonderful items from Shoppingholics.com!
I already entered several times. You should too! The products are definitely something worth wanting.

Speaking of Shoppingholics.com, I'm going to be doing a review of the circle lenses I just bought later today!