What's my name? MYV 2011

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to go see Miyavi in Seattle~ It was a great time. I got to spend time with friends I hardly see, see a musician I have adored for a decade, meet new people, and just have an all around good time.

The show was on the 24th of October, at the Showbox at the Market, right on 1st and Pike in Seattle. The location is painfully convenient, and it's one of my favorite venues. The staff there is always really nice, protective of the people up against the fence in the pit, and the place is small so you always have a good spot. The doors opened at 8pm, but we got to the line around noon or so. Even though you can go into the bar an hour or two before the doors open and get a few drinks (Then get in before the line, it's awesome!) my roommate Amanda Leigh and I decided we wanted our friend Shelby to have a good spot, since she's under 21, and saved her a spot in line. And it's always fun to be in line and meet new people.
Shelby and Myself waiting in line.
I usually grab some food and share it with the people around me. To us, concerts are a full day experiance. And this time we were lucky enough to make a new friend. Chelsie came to the line looking sort of lost and alone, and asked if she could sit with us. Of course! She was sweet and silly. A perfect addition.  Not to mention she had a meet and greet pass for after the show, so the lucky girl got to meet Miyavi!

Our large group.
Slowly throughout the day our friends arrived.  And we explained to the people in line who looked miffed at our growing group that they didn't need to worry, because all but two of us were going into the bar anyhow.  And eventually we went into the bar.

Calah, Hannah, and Amanda's girl drinks.  Savannah and My man drinks.
We chatted for about two hours in the bar.  Even ran into and old friend from high school we hadn't seen in years.  Had long discussions about China and language.  And our jobs.

Bottoms up.
Fiiiiiiiinally, after a lot of bar talk and a lot of running out to the line to see how things were they opened the doors!  And we flooded in.  Making it half of us to the fence, the other half right next to them.  And, oddly enough, the security guard in front of us was one I had been chatting with in the bar.  Always a good thing to make a friend in a mosh pit.  After forever of standing, Miyavi came out.  It was just him, Bobo his drummer, and his guitars.  It was so....relaxed and personal.

Savannah took a few photos.
He was amazing, and so friendly.  Between songs he would talk with the crowd.  Someone would yell something and he'd talk back.  Sometimes he'd get lost in translation and those that could translate for him would yell in japanese at the stage.  It was all great fun.  At one point he asked for requests, since people like his old music.

Googling it.
One of the songs requested he was like "I can do it.  If someone can get me the lyrics." It was hilarious.  So the brought out the computer and googled his lyrics for him.  To be fair, he has SO MANY songs and it was a rather old one.  

All in all the show was wonderful.  I'm so glad I got to go.

Afterwards Amanda Leigh, Hannah (http://www.seisohime.net/), Shelby, and I went to Game Works to take some print club photos.  Unfortunately the machine went wonky and Shelby had to leave before it got fixed so she missed out on the photos.

Finally!  We got to see Miyavi.  And together.  It was an amazing night.