My Texas Birthday 2011 - Photodump

It's been a very long time coming for these photos.  And I'm not sorry.  Life just gets in the way sometimes. 

But last December, Amanda Leigh and I went down to Texas to visit Syl for the week, and to spend my birthday down there.  Not to mention the Dir en Grey show we were going to....You know, when Seattle wasn't on their tour list.  Ahem.  Anyways.  It was a good time.  The show was AMAZING.  And their opening act was the Birthday Massacre, which I've seen before and really enjoy.  

So the basic story is, we got to Austen...slept.  Then went to Dallas the next day, saw DeG.  Went back to Austen.  Spent my birthday bar hopping on Sixth Street.  Then headed home.

It was great!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way...Do I like the apples?  You can only guess...

We're Hams, me and Syl.

Amanda Leigh being surprisingly cold in Dallas.

 The only group shot of us from the concert day, I think.

Kyo being a sexy.

Toshiya being the man of my dreams.

Afterwards we spoke to the members of the Birthday Massacre for a little.  Such sweet people.  Unfortunately we had to cut it short since our ride had to work the next morning.

We found a dog!  We named him Hatter.  He wished Jenziih from Seremedy a happy Birthday.

Hatter was such an adorable puppy.  So loving.  He just wanted to sit on your lap and cuddle.  We ended up talking to animal control and having them find his owners, since we found him on the street.  He looked like he didn't eat a lot, and his leash was broken.  But she said he wasn't neglected so she couldn't just take him.  But she'd be watching them.

Look! Amanda Leigh is cold!

We went to Freebirds!  I love Freebirds.

All ready to go out for dinner on my birthday~

We found a nice Sushi Restaurant called Piranha Killer Sushi.  I highly recommend it.  It was DELICIOUS.

This was the "Sexy Roll".  Don't remember everything.  But it had cilantro and mango in it.  It was awesome.

For my birthday I got a free dessert~  So I chose the tempura fried ice cream.  Get it.  Just do it.  You'll thank me.

Onto the bars~  I wanted to go to the Bat Bar, since I'm the bat...But we didn't end up going there.

It was freezing outside, but we were picky!  Only the most demanding of bars!  We walked down the street and went into the bars where the bouncer made the best offer "First drink on us!"  to "Come on Ladies.  You know you want to?  How can you resist this face?"  As long as they got our attention.  I think we spent $20 the whole night for the three of us.  Only in tips, too!

The point of the night were my stomach was angry at me.  That's what it was doing.

Drunken bathroom photo.  Syl told me to take a photo of the bathroom!  So I did.

The last place we went was this cool little club like place.  All completely blue lights, and white decor.  Each table was a little room.  Sort of futuristic and cool.  Cute bartender too.

Well!  Hope you enjoyed the photo spam!

♥ Myshappy


A few Style Icons

My style changes a lot.  But usually centers around a punk/rock sort of theme.  I've had a lot of different influences and recently I realized a few of them sort of stuck out in my head.  At least for who I look at recently and sit around staring at going "Ugh I wish I had her hair!  I wish I had her clothes!  Why am I not her??"

So here's me sharing a few:

For the longest time in High School I was in love with practically everything done by the Kera model G.

She was like perfection.  Especially the hair.  When she changed her hair to red I could have died.

Unfortunately it's crazy hard to find ANYTHING by her these days, since she stopped at Kera.  So here were a few of the good photos I found on google and stuff. : (  I miss her.  She was absolutely wonderful.  Put some of the new models to shame!

Another recent inspiration is Hyuna of Korean girl unit 4minute.

Quite honestly...I can see how men drool over her all the time.  She has a weird way of being super sexy and adorably cute all at the same time.

It's incredible.

Her usual style is pretty cute, but her video style really gets to me.  Especially in her solo stuff recently.  Even more so when she was in the troublemaker unit.  Unf.

That and she's adorable as fuck, and shakes her butt everywhere.  I like.

Lastly for now is Kera model Re:NO~

I will admit....

I really hated her when I first saw her.  I would just shake Kera in anger and yell "WHY DO YOU MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK DROOPY?!"  for hours.  

Well, not really.  But you get the picture.

But over time, like all people I love, my hate turned into undeniable love.  When I pick up Kera now I look for her make up and for her current style.  I can't help it.  It's my newest obsession.

And I like bleach blondes.  But who doesn't.

I didn't know, however, that Re:NO recently took up vocals in Aldious.  Which is a band I have listened to for about a year now....To be fair she did it in August, and I haven't been paying attention for a few months!

But she's actually pretty damn good.  I was surprised.   Now I get to have my little Re:NO fix more often.

So that's it for now.

There are plenty more.  But these were some of the current people who inspire me.

♥ Myshappy


Re:no look attempt.

I got bored a few weeks back and decided to try and look like Re:no.  She's one of the current Kera models, and becoming one of my favorite.  I began by hating her and her make up style.  But now I actually really like it.  And became a fast favorite.

Not the greatest recreation.  But on a whim, I think it's not half bad.  Considering my lack of proper lashes.

♥ Myshappy


Goings on.

So many things going on, I swear.  All at once.  Though some of them have been going on for a while.  A quick update is in order I suppose.

The current happy times is that my friend is currently on her cross-country drive back home~!  I couldn't be happier about it, honestly

My best friend since the age of ten or so is engaged and pregnant.  And they just found out the baby will be a little boy. ♥ Which they're going to name Khaleb.  <3  Such a good name.

I'm one step closer to my management courses.  Despite a little setbacks in communication. I should be going to class in October.  Fingers crossed.

Amanda Leigh will be going to Massage Therapy school starting on the fifth, I believe.

On the downside I was going to go to Kumori Con this weekend, but due to complete lack of money, couldn't afford it at all.  So I hope Miss Yuki is having a great time without me~

Quick update over.

♥ Myshappy



In place of an actual entry, because I am too tired and lazy to go through and narrow down which pictures out of 7 billion I want to put up, I'm responding to Hannah's tag!

The Rules:

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus, create eleven
questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
6. You legitimately have to tag

Eleven Things About Me

11.  I really want to learn parapara and the dances to Jpop songs.  But I'm usually too lazy when it comes down to it.

10.  In High School, Japanese was my best class.  I always had perfect grades, and was one of the top in the class.  I think I studied maybe twice in the entire four years I took it.

9.  I really like things with the folllowing items on them: card suits, butterflies, skulls, spiders, Alice in Wonderland stuff....there's more but those are main points.

8.  At one time I tried to study Swedish.  I think I got....a mini course in before I didn't have time for it anymore.  I have time now, but no motivation.  I still remember a few "I am/You are" and "I am not/You are not" sentences.  But those are basic.  Also "I am not fat.  I'm chubby."

7.  Seven is my favorite number.  End all.

6.  My moms mom came from the Netherlands.  And her dad's parents came from Lithuania.  My dad moved to America when he was 3 or something, from England.  So the only family I have in America is: My immediate family, my moms sisters family (cousins), my dads brother and sisters families (Same), and my grandparents.  And all but my grandparents live in Washington or Idaho.

5. I really enjoy drawing.  But I got months between drawing pictures.  For lack or motivation, or time.  

4. I want to own a Savannah Cat.

3.  I have two older brothers, and my parents are divorced.  I lived with my mom through High School.

2.  I have three tattoos.  My grandmothers initials on my left ankle, from when I turned 18.  A red Dahlia on my right shoulder/neck, I believe from when I was 20.  And 1-12 in roman numerals around my left arm, from when I was...21?  I want more.  But need money.

1.  My real surname is Carcas.  Like the dead thing.  And all through school and even in traffic court, no one has wanted to say it for fear of offending me.  It's more offensive if you don't try to say it or say "Car...sass?"

Amy's questions:

1. What is something you want to do before you die?  I want to travel more.  I want to visit Europe and see where my family came from.

2. What things inspire you?  Music inspires me in too many ways to count.  And honestly, random things on people or personality quirks.  I really enjoy creating characters from something random that sparked the idea.  

3. How would you describe yourself in three words? Neurotic.  Neutral. & Genetic.

4. If you have a free day, you are most likely to.... ?  Sleep.  Or go to Seattle.

5. Five things you always keep on your person? A rosary, my cell phone, ID, whatever charm I have at the moment, and necklace.  

6. Who is your celebrity crush? Just one?  Oh no.  More than one.  Cillian Murphy.  Jamie Campbell-Bower.  Tom Hiddleston.  Matsujun.  Oguri Shun.  Toshiya. Oh, and Kyle Gallner.  Plus thirty thousand more.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?  Shibuya.

8. Your favorite song at the moment? Dawn of Dreams by Yohio.

9. How do you describe your style?  Really lazy punk/rock gyaru.

10. The thing that makes you the happiest?  Really super cutesy fluffy romance things make me smile and giggle like a child.

(No question 11!)

My Questions

1. Where would you live permanently.  And where would your summer home be?
2. What type of food are you best at cooking?
3. Would you rather be deaf of blind?
4. If you had to lose your right or left hand, which would it be?
5. If you were in SAW what would your game be?
6. Favorite pop band?
7. What position would you be in a band?
8. Who is your favorite member of Arashi? (if you don't have one, just pick a member.)
9. How has your clothing style changed from when you began high school, to when you ended high school, to now?
10. Do you like cheese?
11. Do you think...you could eat...all of the ketchup...one, right after the other...?

And I tag......Well, I don't have many people to tag.  And Hannah tagged most of them already!

So....Miss Amanda Leigh.  Miss Yuki.  And...Miss Chelsie!


Scariest truck ever.

More than once when I was trekking around Shibuya I ran across the scariest truck in existence.  The first time I saw it, I tried to get a photo but things kept getting in the way.

Lucky me, I saw it again.  I say lucky lightly.

Truck of nightmares.

The disturbing Sadako coming out of a Television truck is to promote the new Sadako 3D movie.  Which I didn't get to see.

It was a sight though.  Tons of people would see it and flip out their cell phones to get a picture.  Made me feel less touristy.

♥ Myshappy


Japan Photos are coming!

Never fear!  The first step of uploading them all has been almost fully accomplished.

It's just that I have about a thousand images to weed through, and organize before I can upload them.

Post won't be about days.  They'll probably be about topics.  Or an image itself.  Who knows!  Point is with some subtle (or being told...) pushing, I'm back to working on it.  And some art too!  (Oh my god, no way!) Uploading old stuff, anyhow.  Got to catch up.  I'm also going to be posting all my new art on a blog I decided would be my temporary art blog.

I'll give you the link when I have it ready.

But get excited.  Mediocre pictures are coming.

♥ Myshappy


Back to normal life.

I sort of fell way behind in the Japan updates.  But that's okay.  The point is I still have the memories, and will upload photos soon!

Part of the reason is I've been sucked back into normal life.  Lots of working, and other busy things.  So I haven't had much time to put into my internet life~ Well, not time to focus on it.

Work has been busy busy. I'm becoming a Manager (yay!) so I've got some extra work to do there.  And I've trained new employees three days a week for the last two weeks.  Very time consuming and a little stressful.

I promise I will remedy this!

On another note~  It's father's day.  Last year I did a little post about Miyavi.  My father situation is less than lovely, so to talk about it would be a downer~  I forgot it was fathers' day until I was already at work.  So I didn't get to call my dad, or my mom's boyfriend.  I feel a little bad about the second one, I may call in the morning.

But this brings up another topic!  If I made a post last year...that means this blog is a year old!

I would like to do a special series of posts, or just one straight up special post to commemorate it.....but what?

If you have any ideas please let me know!

I need help!

♥ Myshappy


Going about this wrong.

Again, I'm sorry about the lack of actual updates recently!

But I realize I've been going about this all wrong.

The reason there have been no updates is because it's actually become something I dread doing.  I hate the idea of having to sit down and write every day out.  And feeling like I have to make something for every day I didn't do anything exciting.

So I'm not going to be doing it day by day anymore.

I'll be lumping days together, writing about interesting things or places on their own, and in general enjoying telling my stories.

This should be a chore.  It's supposed to be fun.

So I'm going to be changing my set up!

I hope you like it more.

♥ Myshappy


Blog goals for the rest of the month!

My blog goals for the rest of the month are:

  • Get up to date with my Japan trip.
  • Reach 5k pageviews! Only 400 to go.
  • Obtain 20 followers! Only need 6!
These aren't hard goals, but I need your help with two of them!  If you read this blog regularly, why not make a google plus account and be updated with a new post is up?

And send this blog to your friends, who might have an interest~!

I'd really love to reach my humble goals~

♥ Myshappy


Day 12 - Sightseeing with the family

 On day 12 I started off by trying to make something new to eat.  A microwave "omelette" (A.k.a omelette style scramble).  It went pretty well.  With cheese and tomato in it.  Aya said we should meet later in the day, though she didn't give any details,  so I e-mailed her.

After a bit she told me I should take the train to Kajigaya station to be there around 6, and she would get off around 6:30.  She didn't tell me, but I figured her mom was going to pick me up.

So I got on the train at the right time, and went to Kajigaya.

Aya's mom and sister were about 5 minutes late to pick me up, but that was okay.  When they arrived, they apologized profusely, and her mom told me it was Saki's fault that they were late.  So we headed out.

We drove around for a little bit, before they decided to stop at a shopping center while we waited for Aya.  We went up to the top floor which was a 100en shop, and we shopped there for a bit.  I found a few things to bring home, so it wasn't a bust.

Then we headed downstairs, and out to go to the Don Quixote. Or Donki, as everyone calls it.  It's a discount store where you can find anything from food to clothes to make up goods.  Even electronics too.

I ended up finding the perfect present for Syl.  She's going to love it.  

Aya's mom and sister couldn't stop themselves from buying me cup noodles and some other random food items, so I didn't starve at home.  I don't need them to~  But it was very sweet, so I couldn't say no.

On the way out Aya's mom saw this cute little Yakiniku stand and had to get us all a snack.  It was delicious.  The guy before us got at least 20.  I was surprised.

Then we headed out to meet Aya.  Well, sort of.  We went to the store where Saki works, and has worked for 2 or so years, which I guess is right next to Aya's house!  Who knew.  So they told me to look around while they did stuff outside.  Lol, ok.

Eventually Aya showed up to we headed out.  Over to Aya's dad's friends car (Which is bigger than theirs so more people could fit.)  In all it was Me, Aya, Saki, Aya's Mom, Aya's Dad, and his childhood friend.  Cozy!

We first went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (A mouthful, I know.)  Which has the creepy weirdest parking lot, let me tell you.  It's just a bunch of narrow roadway, with a spot every so often.  With a bunch of "closed off" spots too....It's creepy.

But we made it alive up to the observation deck!  

On the observation deck there are a few giftshops, and a rather expensive cafe.  And a bunch of windows!  Through which you can look and see everything.


I took so many photos!  But there are way too many to put here, so when I have time I will upload them to my Myshappy days like page on Facebook (Why do I have a like page, you ask?  So I have somewhere to upload all of my excess photos with the related story attached, so I don't have to keep re-explaining myself, that's why!)  It may take a few days, so patience please!!

After looking out the windows for a while  (And Aya trying to scare me by pushing me towards the window when I was looking out....)  we looked around the giftshop.  And fooled around a bit.

There were cute and silly iphone cases.  Bacon and egg, yakisoba, and more.

Saki in a tiger hat.

We left, and decided to go to Odaiba and see the Gundam!


It took a little, but we found it!  Outside a new shopping center too.

So cool.


Then we found a spot to take photos of the Rainbow Bridge.

Unfortunately my camera isn't the best, so it's not the greatest photo.  But still!

Then on to the next spot!  Aya's dad said he knew of a good spot to take photos, and he was right.  So we stopped there (And Aya who was starving, ran to the convenience store).

It was difficult to take photos, as it was too late and the dock entrance to the area was closed.  So we had to stand and look over a cement wall.  Easy for me, not so easy for people shorter than me in heels.

Me and Saki!

On to the next one!  I tried to take a picture of Tokyo Tower from far away, but Aya told me not to because we were headed there. 


This looks fake, right?
It was pretty cool.  Though I always thought it would be a little taller...Still tall and cool though.  And very pretty up close.  Though it's hard to take different style photos with it at night.  And ones with it.  The ones we got look weird, cause of the lighting.  Like a bad photoshop!

Finally we were about done, so we headed to find food.  Which took a while.  Til we found a little noodle and chinese shop.

I got the most basic fried chicken type meal.  Which was too much food!

I ended up trying to pawn off some on Aya, but she was too full too.  And tired.

By that point it was already 1am, so they had to drive me home.  Which proved a little difficult in that...I don't know what roads are 1 way streets, and which way they go.

But I got us there!!!  Without death!

It was really a good time.  And I really appreciate how much Aya and her family have done for me.  They're really great.

♥ Myshappy