Re:no look attempt.

I got bored a few weeks back and decided to try and look like Re:no.  She's one of the current Kera models, and becoming one of my favorite.  I began by hating her and her make up style.  But now I actually really like it.  And became a fast favorite.

Not the greatest recreation.  But on a whim, I think it's not half bad.  Considering my lack of proper lashes.

♥ Myshappy


Goings on.

So many things going on, I swear.  All at once.  Though some of them have been going on for a while.  A quick update is in order I suppose.

The current happy times is that my friend is currently on her cross-country drive back home~!  I couldn't be happier about it, honestly

My best friend since the age of ten or so is engaged and pregnant.  And they just found out the baby will be a little boy. ♥ Which they're going to name Khaleb.  <3  Such a good name.

I'm one step closer to my management courses.  Despite a little setbacks in communication. I should be going to class in October.  Fingers crossed.

Amanda Leigh will be going to Massage Therapy school starting on the fifth, I believe.

On the downside I was going to go to Kumori Con this weekend, but due to complete lack of money, couldn't afford it at all.  So I hope Miss Yuki is having a great time without me~

Quick update over.

♥ Myshappy