Forgive me!

Unfortunately, I lied in my last post. And it's been long since I made that one. But I promise posts will be coming! Half for personal reference, half to let people know what to look forward to here's a list of future (hopefully very soon) blogs.

- Lime Crime Mint to Be lipstick review
- Shoppingholics Neo Crystal Black Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics GEO Bella Grey Circle Lens review
- Shoppingholics Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lens Guest review
- Soap review
- Organic do it yourself face mask reviews

And various other ones that I've forgotten at the moment. Plus some music.

At the beginning of September I'm going to purchase Lime Crime's new line, so I'll review that. And some new Circle lenses are in the mail so they'll be here in a little over two weeks.

Thanks for being so patient!

♥ Myshappy


Over a month. Pon pon wei pon pon.

It's been over a month since I last updated. Which is terrible. Tonight will be filled with blogging, refreshing Pottermore to get entry, and Pon Pon...

♥ Myshappy