My Texas Birthday 2011 - Photodump

It's been a very long time coming for these photos.  And I'm not sorry.  Life just gets in the way sometimes. 

But last December, Amanda Leigh and I went down to Texas to visit Syl for the week, and to spend my birthday down there.  Not to mention the Dir en Grey show we were going to....You know, when Seattle wasn't on their tour list.  Ahem.  Anyways.  It was a good time.  The show was AMAZING.  And their opening act was the Birthday Massacre, which I've seen before and really enjoy.  

So the basic story is, we got to Austen...slept.  Then went to Dallas the next day, saw DeG.  Went back to Austen.  Spent my birthday bar hopping on Sixth Street.  Then headed home.

It was great!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way...Do I like the apples?  You can only guess...

We're Hams, me and Syl.

Amanda Leigh being surprisingly cold in Dallas.

 The only group shot of us from the concert day, I think.

Kyo being a sexy.

Toshiya being the man of my dreams.

Afterwards we spoke to the members of the Birthday Massacre for a little.  Such sweet people.  Unfortunately we had to cut it short since our ride had to work the next morning.

We found a dog!  We named him Hatter.  He wished Jenziih from Seremedy a happy Birthday.

Hatter was such an adorable puppy.  So loving.  He just wanted to sit on your lap and cuddle.  We ended up talking to animal control and having them find his owners, since we found him on the street.  He looked like he didn't eat a lot, and his leash was broken.  But she said he wasn't neglected so she couldn't just take him.  But she'd be watching them.

Look! Amanda Leigh is cold!

We went to Freebirds!  I love Freebirds.

All ready to go out for dinner on my birthday~

We found a nice Sushi Restaurant called Piranha Killer Sushi.  I highly recommend it.  It was DELICIOUS.

This was the "Sexy Roll".  Don't remember everything.  But it had cilantro and mango in it.  It was awesome.

For my birthday I got a free dessert~  So I chose the tempura fried ice cream.  Get it.  Just do it.  You'll thank me.

Onto the bars~  I wanted to go to the Bat Bar, since I'm the bat...But we didn't end up going there.

It was freezing outside, but we were picky!  Only the most demanding of bars!  We walked down the street and went into the bars where the bouncer made the best offer "First drink on us!"  to "Come on Ladies.  You know you want to?  How can you resist this face?"  As long as they got our attention.  I think we spent $20 the whole night for the three of us.  Only in tips, too!

The point of the night were my stomach was angry at me.  That's what it was doing.

Drunken bathroom photo.  Syl told me to take a photo of the bathroom!  So I did.

The last place we went was this cool little club like place.  All completely blue lights, and white decor.  Each table was a little room.  Sort of futuristic and cool.  Cute bartender too.

Well!  Hope you enjoyed the photo spam!

♥ Myshappy


A few Style Icons

My style changes a lot.  But usually centers around a punk/rock sort of theme.  I've had a lot of different influences and recently I realized a few of them sort of stuck out in my head.  At least for who I look at recently and sit around staring at going "Ugh I wish I had her hair!  I wish I had her clothes!  Why am I not her??"

So here's me sharing a few:

For the longest time in High School I was in love with practically everything done by the Kera model G.

She was like perfection.  Especially the hair.  When she changed her hair to red I could have died.

Unfortunately it's crazy hard to find ANYTHING by her these days, since she stopped at Kera.  So here were a few of the good photos I found on google and stuff. : (  I miss her.  She was absolutely wonderful.  Put some of the new models to shame!

Another recent inspiration is Hyuna of Korean girl unit 4minute.

Quite honestly...I can see how men drool over her all the time.  She has a weird way of being super sexy and adorably cute all at the same time.

It's incredible.

Her usual style is pretty cute, but her video style really gets to me.  Especially in her solo stuff recently.  Even more so when she was in the troublemaker unit.  Unf.

That and she's adorable as fuck, and shakes her butt everywhere.  I like.

Lastly for now is Kera model Re:NO~

I will admit....

I really hated her when I first saw her.  I would just shake Kera in anger and yell "WHY DO YOU MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK DROOPY?!"  for hours.  

Well, not really.  But you get the picture.

But over time, like all people I love, my hate turned into undeniable love.  When I pick up Kera now I look for her make up and for her current style.  I can't help it.  It's my newest obsession.

And I like bleach blondes.  But who doesn't.

I didn't know, however, that Re:NO recently took up vocals in Aldious.  Which is a band I have listened to for about a year now....To be fair she did it in August, and I haven't been paying attention for a few months!

But she's actually pretty damn good.  I was surprised.   Now I get to have my little Re:NO fix more often.

So that's it for now.

There are plenty more.  But these were some of the current people who inspire me.

♥ Myshappy