In place of an actual entry, because I am too tired and lazy to go through and narrow down which pictures out of 7 billion I want to put up, I'm responding to Hannah's tag!

The Rules:

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus, create eleven
questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
6. You legitimately have to tag

Eleven Things About Me

11.  I really want to learn parapara and the dances to Jpop songs.  But I'm usually too lazy when it comes down to it.

10.  In High School, Japanese was my best class.  I always had perfect grades, and was one of the top in the class.  I think I studied maybe twice in the entire four years I took it.

9.  I really like things with the folllowing items on them: card suits, butterflies, skulls, spiders, Alice in Wonderland stuff....there's more but those are main points.

8.  At one time I tried to study Swedish.  I think I got....a mini course in before I didn't have time for it anymore.  I have time now, but no motivation.  I still remember a few "I am/You are" and "I am not/You are not" sentences.  But those are basic.  Also "I am not fat.  I'm chubby."

7.  Seven is my favorite number.  End all.

6.  My moms mom came from the Netherlands.  And her dad's parents came from Lithuania.  My dad moved to America when he was 3 or something, from England.  So the only family I have in America is: My immediate family, my moms sisters family (cousins), my dads brother and sisters families (Same), and my grandparents.  And all but my grandparents live in Washington or Idaho.

5. I really enjoy drawing.  But I got months between drawing pictures.  For lack or motivation, or time.  

4. I want to own a Savannah Cat.

3.  I have two older brothers, and my parents are divorced.  I lived with my mom through High School.

2.  I have three tattoos.  My grandmothers initials on my left ankle, from when I turned 18.  A red Dahlia on my right shoulder/neck, I believe from when I was 20.  And 1-12 in roman numerals around my left arm, from when I was...21?  I want more.  But need money.

1.  My real surname is Carcas.  Like the dead thing.  And all through school and even in traffic court, no one has wanted to say it for fear of offending me.  It's more offensive if you don't try to say it or say "Car...sass?"

Amy's questions:

1. What is something you want to do before you die?  I want to travel more.  I want to visit Europe and see where my family came from.

2. What things inspire you?  Music inspires me in too many ways to count.  And honestly, random things on people or personality quirks.  I really enjoy creating characters from something random that sparked the idea.  

3. How would you describe yourself in three words? Neurotic.  Neutral. & Genetic.

4. If you have a free day, you are most likely to.... ?  Sleep.  Or go to Seattle.

5. Five things you always keep on your person? A rosary, my cell phone, ID, whatever charm I have at the moment, and necklace.  

6. Who is your celebrity crush? Just one?  Oh no.  More than one.  Cillian Murphy.  Jamie Campbell-Bower.  Tom Hiddleston.  Matsujun.  Oguri Shun.  Toshiya. Oh, and Kyle Gallner.  Plus thirty thousand more.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?  Shibuya.

8. Your favorite song at the moment? Dawn of Dreams by Yohio.

9. How do you describe your style?  Really lazy punk/rock gyaru.

10. The thing that makes you the happiest?  Really super cutesy fluffy romance things make me smile and giggle like a child.

(No question 11!)

My Questions

1. Where would you live permanently.  And where would your summer home be?
2. What type of food are you best at cooking?
3. Would you rather be deaf of blind?
4. If you had to lose your right or left hand, which would it be?
5. If you were in SAW what would your game be?
6. Favorite pop band?
7. What position would you be in a band?
8. Who is your favorite member of Arashi? (if you don't have one, just pick a member.)
9. How has your clothing style changed from when you began high school, to when you ended high school, to now?
10. Do you like cheese?
11. Do you think...you could eat...all of the ketchup...one, right after the other...?

And I tag......Well, I don't have many people to tag.  And Hannah tagged most of them already!

So....Miss Amanda Leigh.  Miss Yuki.  And...Miss Chelsie!