Going about this wrong.

Again, I'm sorry about the lack of actual updates recently!

But I realize I've been going about this all wrong.

The reason there have been no updates is because it's actually become something I dread doing.  I hate the idea of having to sit down and write every day out.  And feeling like I have to make something for every day I didn't do anything exciting.

So I'm not going to be doing it day by day anymore.

I'll be lumping days together, writing about interesting things or places on their own, and in general enjoying telling my stories.

This should be a chore.  It's supposed to be fun.

So I'm going to be changing my set up!

I hope you like it more.

♥ Myshappy


Blog goals for the rest of the month!

My blog goals for the rest of the month are:

  • Get up to date with my Japan trip.
  • Reach 5k pageviews! Only 400 to go.
  • Obtain 20 followers! Only need 6!
These aren't hard goals, but I need your help with two of them!  If you read this blog regularly, why not make a google plus account and be updated with a new post is up?

And send this blog to your friends, who might have an interest~!

I'd really love to reach my humble goals~

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Day 12 - Sightseeing with the family

 On day 12 I started off by trying to make something new to eat.  A microwave "omelette" (A.k.a omelette style scramble).  It went pretty well.  With cheese and tomato in it.  Aya said we should meet later in the day, though she didn't give any details,  so I e-mailed her.

After a bit she told me I should take the train to Kajigaya station to be there around 6, and she would get off around 6:30.  She didn't tell me, but I figured her mom was going to pick me up.

So I got on the train at the right time, and went to Kajigaya.

Aya's mom and sister were about 5 minutes late to pick me up, but that was okay.  When they arrived, they apologized profusely, and her mom told me it was Saki's fault that they were late.  So we headed out.

We drove around for a little bit, before they decided to stop at a shopping center while we waited for Aya.  We went up to the top floor which was a 100en shop, and we shopped there for a bit.  I found a few things to bring home, so it wasn't a bust.

Then we headed downstairs, and out to go to the Don Quixote. Or Donki, as everyone calls it.  It's a discount store where you can find anything from food to clothes to make up goods.  Even electronics too.

I ended up finding the perfect present for Syl.  She's going to love it.  

Aya's mom and sister couldn't stop themselves from buying me cup noodles and some other random food items, so I didn't starve at home.  I don't need them to~  But it was very sweet, so I couldn't say no.

On the way out Aya's mom saw this cute little Yakiniku stand and had to get us all a snack.  It was delicious.  The guy before us got at least 20.  I was surprised.

Then we headed out to meet Aya.  Well, sort of.  We went to the store where Saki works, and has worked for 2 or so years, which I guess is right next to Aya's house!  Who knew.  So they told me to look around while they did stuff outside.  Lol, ok.

Eventually Aya showed up to we headed out.  Over to Aya's dad's friends car (Which is bigger than theirs so more people could fit.)  In all it was Me, Aya, Saki, Aya's Mom, Aya's Dad, and his childhood friend.  Cozy!

We first went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (A mouthful, I know.)  Which has the creepy weirdest parking lot, let me tell you.  It's just a bunch of narrow roadway, with a spot every so often.  With a bunch of "closed off" spots too....It's creepy.

But we made it alive up to the observation deck!  

On the observation deck there are a few giftshops, and a rather expensive cafe.  And a bunch of windows!  Through which you can look and see everything.


I took so many photos!  But there are way too many to put here, so when I have time I will upload them to my Myshappy days like page on Facebook (Why do I have a like page, you ask?  So I have somewhere to upload all of my excess photos with the related story attached, so I don't have to keep re-explaining myself, that's why!)  It may take a few days, so patience please!!

After looking out the windows for a while  (And Aya trying to scare me by pushing me towards the window when I was looking out....)  we looked around the giftshop.  And fooled around a bit.

There were cute and silly iphone cases.  Bacon and egg, yakisoba, and more.

Saki in a tiger hat.

We left, and decided to go to Odaiba and see the Gundam!


It took a little, but we found it!  Outside a new shopping center too.

So cool.


Then we found a spot to take photos of the Rainbow Bridge.

Unfortunately my camera isn't the best, so it's not the greatest photo.  But still!

Then on to the next spot!  Aya's dad said he knew of a good spot to take photos, and he was right.  So we stopped there (And Aya who was starving, ran to the convenience store).

It was difficult to take photos, as it was too late and the dock entrance to the area was closed.  So we had to stand and look over a cement wall.  Easy for me, not so easy for people shorter than me in heels.

Me and Saki!

On to the next one!  I tried to take a picture of Tokyo Tower from far away, but Aya told me not to because we were headed there. 


This looks fake, right?
It was pretty cool.  Though I always thought it would be a little taller...Still tall and cool though.  And very pretty up close.  Though it's hard to take different style photos with it at night.  And ones with it.  The ones we got look weird, cause of the lighting.  Like a bad photoshop!

Finally we were about done, so we headed to find food.  Which took a while.  Til we found a little noodle and chinese shop.

I got the most basic fried chicken type meal.  Which was too much food!

I ended up trying to pawn off some on Aya, but she was too full too.  And tired.

By that point it was already 1am, so they had to drive me home.  Which proved a little difficult in that...I don't know what roads are 1 way streets, and which way they go.

But I got us there!!!  Without death!

It was really a good time.  And I really appreciate how much Aya and her family have done for me.  They're really great.

♥ Myshappy


Sincerest Apologies~

I'm so sorry!  Apparently my blog disappeared from the ether for a day or so.  So sorry!!

I'm working on putting up a website (With help too late!) so things got kind of messy.

I've also not kept up to date, and I'm trying to catch up!

So stay tuned.

And as an apology....

Here's a nifty Italian band.

♥ Myshappy

(You'll have to pause the blogs BGM)


Day 11 - Nabe in Shibuya

Day 11, friday, I agreed to meet Aya and her friend in Shibuya where we'd go get dinner.

Usual daily events,  computer and market.

Then I headed out to Shibuya.  Usual train route, no problems there.  I was supposed to meet her at 7pm, and was a minute or so late.  So I worried that she was waiting for me.

As it turns out, while I waited and wandered around the busy Hachiko statue worrying, that Aya got out late from work.  So EVENTUALLY she showed up, apologizing.  

I was just worried I'd read wrong where to meet her.  But it was okay.  Then we had to wait for her friends.

First, her friend Mayumi showed up.  A very cute very talkative girl.  Aya called her other friend, who said she'd be late.  So we headed over to look at a store while we waited.

Mayumi proving how she looks like the cat!

We walked around looking at things for a while, and I even ended up buying a few souvenirs for my friends.  Just have to find some for my mom now....

Aya's friend called, so we headed down to meet her at the station.  Another cute girl named Mika~  Then we headed over to a little Nabe place they all knew.  Aya kept trying to get them to talk to me in Japanese, and have me respond.  I did!  But she didn't believe me...

When we got to the restaurant...it was already closed.

We started to walk to find somewhere new, when a guy stopped us with fliers for his restaurant.  Usually we walk by them, but he was very persistent.  Mayu and Aya talked to him for a while, as he tried to convince us.  Eventually we got back on route, and found another Nabe restaurant.  So we headed in.  It was a little packed, but we got a table.

I'd never been to a Nabe restaurant so it was really cool for me.  I would definitely go again.  But I didn't fully understand it all!

Mango Highball!

We ordered drinks (Jasmine tea for lightweight Aya) and debated on what we wanted.

Mayu making one of her many faces, and Mika.

We chatted about random things while we waited, and eventually the heater was brought out to us, and the pot of delicious food to cook~  So they turned it on, and we waited.

Mayu ordered some appetizers for us.  Delicious cucumber (Which you can see behind the pot) and amazingly addictive tamagoyaki (fried egg.)

Oh my god the egg was so good I could have lived in it.  Another one of those foods you crave forever after.  I'm going to have to learn to make it like that. 

A few minutes later the food was done.  A slightly korean inspired Nabe, with tofu, beansprouts, and noodles.  And a few more things I couldn't name!

But it was good!  

More chatting as we ate, then Mayu and Mika started messing with their towels, and looking at Mayu's phone.  We had no idea what they were doing and they kept telling us not to worry about it.  Apparently, Mayu was trying to make an Elephant with her towel.

When she finally succeeded...it was actually pretty good...

Towel elephant.
We were all still hungry, so Mayu ordered more food to go into the nabe.  Some potatos, weird rice things, and meat.  

Into the pot, then into our stomachs.

We goofed around for a while, and of course ate delicious food.  Took a lot of pictures on Aya's camera.  It was really fun.

Especially how Mayu immediately made faces in every photo.

Finally we got some egg, slivered green onions, and rice for the nabe.  Just to finish it off.

A delicious and wonderful idea.

I suggest it.

Unfortunately all things can't last forever, and since the three of them had work the next day, we had to go home.  Back to the train station and back to the house.


Shirt: h.NAOTO.  Dress: Tripp NYC.  Cardigan: Macy's


母の日 - Happy Mothers Day

I've never really celebrated Mother's Day how it should be done.  I've called my mom, and told her I loved her.  I've gone out to dinner with her.  I've even bought her presents.  But I've never really let my mom know how much she means to me.

No, we don't have one of those best friend relationships.  No, we aren't constant enemies.  For the most part we get along, and sometimes we fight.  Sometimes she has opinions I don't see eye to eye with her on.  But that's something we have to get over as people.

When I think about my family, she's the only constant.  My brothers fade in and out of existence, and my Dad is all but nonexistent.  But my mom is the only person who always comes to mind when someone says family.

When is was in 8th grade, I realized the worst feeling I could ever feel.  When you're crying, because it's all feels hopeless, and the strongest person you know is crying and feeling the same.  It's impossible to think anythings going to get better.  My mom is the strongest person I know.  She's just like her mother before her.  That was when my oldest brother moved to Idaho, basically because he had no options left here.  

Then my grandmother died.  I refused to cry in front of her.  I refused to cry in front of anyone.  But if my mom was putting on a brave face, then so was I.  Since then I've let my guard down.  I've cried about it.  I still cry about it.  When we went to visit my brother in Idaho for his daughters first birthday, I cried to my mom in a furniture store because a room reminded me of my grandma's house.  But I couldn't cry then.

It's hard to talk to my mom about some things.  I don't want her to be disappointed in me.  I don't want her to see me fail.  I've let her down before.  And it hurt every single time.

But sometimes I need her to realize that I live my life for me.  I can't be held accountable for what my brothers have done before me.  And if I make a mistake, I'm the one who has to fix it.  And I will, in my own time.

She didn't really want me to go to Japan.  She was worried.

Whenever I brought it up, she'd make a bit of a sour face.  I know it's because she worried.  She told me that.  And I understand.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to let your child go to another country alone, to meet people they've never met before.

She didn't stop me, she even helped me.  

When I moved into my apartment beforehand, she was the one person who never said a single bad thing about it.  She always had faith in me, and my room mates.  My mom helped us move, and even let us have some of her old furniture.  When we told her boyfriend, and Amanda's dad that they couldn't stay in the apartment while we weren't there she was glad.  Everyone else said it was rude.  She was proud.

Sometimes, when I think about my mom, I want to cry.

It's one of the biggest fears of mine that she'll get sick.  That she might get Cancer.  I don't care if I do, I would much prefer it.  But I'm not as strong as her.  I couldn't handle it.  I would rather suffer than watch her die.

I've learned so much from her.

You're always polite.  Always.  You're never rude to people, and you certainly don't yell or get mad at them.  But when you do, they deserve it.  If she's yelling at someone, they've done something WRONG.  

I learned how to deal with my father from her.  When he's drunk and fighting with you, the second he starts swearing you walk away.  It's not worth it, because he's not listening anymore.

Everything I know about how to be a good upstanding person, I learned from her.  When people are rude in public, I think "If I ever did that my mom would have smacked me across the face."  Something she's never done.  But I would never do those things, because I was raised right.

My brothers and I may not be perfect, and we may have our flaws...but you can be certain that my mom knows how to raise children right because we're not spoiled, and we're good people.  We don't have undeserved self entitlement.  We're not rude, we're not mean.  

She raised us right.  Almost alone.  I have a thousand memories of my father doing wrong.  Of ruined holidays, special events that he made bad.  But not a single one of my mother.  She's never done anything bad.  Not to me.

Middle School, and all of High School was just me, my mom, and my brother.  And we survived.  She made sure of it.

When my friends, or people I see, complain that their lives were so hard I always shrug it off and tell them that mine was fine.  Nothing that bad ever happened to me.  Sure, I've had problems.  But my mom made sure I had a good childhood, regardless.  She was always stable.  Always.

The last message I sent my mother, a day or so ago, wasn't very kind.  I didn't say anything mean, but it was short and choppy.  I was annoyed by things she'd said, and how she treated my late response to her message.  I regret it, especially being mother's day.  When I looked at her facebook, I saw this posted on her page from the day I left for Tokyo.

"Michelle left for Japan today, when she called at 4 am and said she had made it to the airport i was excited, when she got to LA for her connecting flight and sent me a message I was happy it was going smoothly, but when I got the text saying " Love you mommy and see you in June" Just before takeoff to Japan, I cried. Tokyo is a long way away. Safe trip Michelle and love you too. Have a blast."

I cried.  I tried not to, but the tears wouldn't stop.

I cry every time I read it.  I keep crying while writing this.

I understand this post has been all over the place, and is hard to read.  But the only message that needs to be read, and understood at all is this.

I love my mom more than anything.  She is the strongest person I know, and will ever meet.  She is my Superhero.  If I can become half of what she is before I die, I'll know I've accomplished something.

Mom, I love you, and I miss you.  
Thank you for everything.  Someday I'll make you proud.


April 2011 - Mom and Me.

Day 10 - Yeah.

Day 10 I literally sat around and skyped and roleplayed all day.

And went to the market.

So here's a picture of Miso Soup.

♥ Myshappy


Day 9 - Yokohama

I spent the better part of day 9 online, like the awesome kid I am.  Skyping with Amanda, and generally not blogging like I should have been.  Sometimes I lack focus and motivation.

And I woke up at noon.

I had to meet Aya at Kajigaya station at 5:45, so eventually I got ready and headed out.

Cool thing about the ride is I didn't have to change trains, because the line switches in Shibuya.  So that was good.

Though I'd be lying if I didn't say I started to get a little worried during the trip that I'd taken the wrong train. Or missed my stop.  Or something.  Mostly because I didn't remember the full name of the station "Kaji-something"  and because there were no maps around.

So I was just going to wait, then eventually get off and call Aya.

Luckily though, a stop before I was going to do that was mine!  Luck!

I got to the station, and went to the exit....and worried again that I was wrong.  Cause there was no Aya, so I wandered a little, checking to see if there was another exit.  Nope.  Okay.  Turn back around and--Oh look! Aya!

Oh thank god.  I was freaking myself out.

So we hurried over to her parents car, where they were waiting and headed off.  First to her grandparents.

Apparently, everyone in Aya's family just really wanted to meet me.

So we headed there, and her parents dropped us off so we could run in.  They own a little....dry cleaning business?  I guess.  I don't rightly remember.  So we said hello, and I took a picture with them.  Then her grandmother HAD to buy us drinks for  the car.  So we headed to the vending machine and got drinks.  Then said our goodbyes.  Her grandma handed me a 500en coin for no reason....So sweet.

Then back to the car!  And we headed out.  To Yokohama.  Her dad explained some things we passed, and unfortunately it was raining by that point so no car photos.

We ended up parking at...well, I didn't get the name of it.  But it was this cool area with a deck you could see really far from (Sorry for the terrible description.)  It was pretty nifty though.

Walkway up to the deck.

We stood up there for a long time, snapping photos.  The wind was picking up pretty hard.  And for a while the rain kept off.

Aya's dad pointed out it looks like an Angel from Neon Genesis.  It does!

Aya in the wind!

Group shot failure!

Better, but with less background...

How to tell three of the buildings, which are called Queen, King, and Jack.

Eventually, the rain picked up so we all hurried inside.

And found an AnPan Man vending machine!

Juice!  It also plays the theme song~

Again, we headed out.  Aya got a message from her sister saying she would be meeting us for dinner, so we headed to Queens Square to wait.  And Aya and I got out and took a walk.

Then back into the car!  To go for a little shopping.  And a quick stop at a good place to take photos.

With Aya's sister and mom.

Then Aya's sister and dad!

I don't know how many times Aya and her mother told me that Aya's father was fat.  And that he kept trying to look fatter in photos.  It was pretty amusing.

We headed to a shopping center, and started looking around.

I found the cutest thing ever.

Pirate Sirotan!

He's so cute!!!

Me and Sirotan!!!

I may have to go back and buy him....

Aya and I wandered around and giggled like dorks about things.  Trying on dopey glasses and stuff.

Girl things, you know.

Then we found Lego Buzz Lightyear...

I'm joining the ranks soon.

How YOU doin?

More shopping and we found Scratch!  Seriously.  So many adorable disgruntled looking Sailor cats.  I could have died.

Kitten Basket!!

So freaking cute.

Then we got ushered into a store (Again I forgot the name...) where Aya's family was shopping.  Delicious cheap candys and oldschool toys.  It was really cool.

Aya's mom even got us cotton candy.  It was delicious.

Eventually, though, the store was closing so we had to head out.  I ran back to nab two cute little Sirotan notepads, and we headed out.
Cool hanging thing.

Back out to go to dinner.

We decided on Sushi.  And a good decision that was.  Aya kept telling me to tell her what I wanted, and I did!  A few times!  But I don't eat that much food at one time, so I only had four plates.  Which she commented on, then we realized it was the same as hers.

For dessert Aya got Purin, and I got Yogurt Sorbet.

My mostly finished seafood miso.  Yum!

Afterwards we walked over to a 100en shop and looked around.  I was amazed, they had such cute things. I bought two Miffy bags, and a few presents for people back home.  Pictures to come!

Unfortunately it was time to go home, so we headed back to the station.

Aya handed me a bag with a bunch of things in it she wanted me to have.  It was so nice.
There were slippers, a few drinks, a couple chocolate bars, a bag of instant miso (best ever), and a few other items.  Her mom also handed me a bag of Milky candy, and then handed me and Aya two little bags.

She told us to open them, and inside was the cute little cellphone version of Pirate Sirotan!!!  It's SO CUTE!!!!  Aya got Sailor Sirotan~

Cutest ever!  I thanked them a lot, and Aya walked me to the entrance.  We said our goodbyes, and made plans for the next time we'd meet, and I headed home.