Technology hates me.

So as of late the two most important pieces of technology I own decided to give me the big "fuck you!"

First, my phone decided that it didn't want to have a screen anymore.  Instead I needed to blindly fumble around to try and do things on it.  AKA USELESS.  I think that started up about a month ago.  So basically I didn't have a phone for a month.

Second, I woke up one morning to a fantastic sight.  You see, recently my cat has been having flea problems.  She's normally a neurotic little thing, and the fleas have been causing her to rip out her fur.  And apparently eat it, according to the hairballs.  So one day about two or three weeks ago I got up and went to the couch to do some internetting and watch some tele.  Well.  Try to turn the computer on and can't properly move the cursor....So I turn it off.  And notice something dripping out of it.  Pull out the SD card I had in, and sure enough, it drips more.   Look around and notice, "Oh, hey.  Cat threw up on my laptop."  FUCK.

Manda's dad came by last week to try and clean it out (After the people at Best Buy were USELESS to help us find electronic cleaner.  Kept trying to sell us compressed air...)  He ended up having to take it home with him to work on.  A couple days went by and he said it was looking good.  Then the other day he called back and said the good new was he could probably save all my files.  Bad news was he probably can't save my laptop.

So now I'm pretty much in a fork out hundreds of dollars for a new laptop out of no where situation.  Haven't cried about it yet though.

The good news though is that Manda's dad also got me a temporary/possibly permanent phone.  It's an old one they used to use, a Droid X.  Still it great order, so I'm pretty happy about that.

All my files being away, though, kind of puts a damper on my using my sudden energy to post.

Oh well!  Next post is going to be a random photo dump!

♥ Myshappy

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