Photo dump! (Heavy)

Instead of writing something mind blowing (or numbing) you get a photo dump from the last...however long!

My 23rd Birthday.  Hide got me a surprise birthday cake, and dropped it off at the restaurant we were at!

At the fountain near the Space Needle.  Memorial day weekend, for Folk Life <3

At Sakura Con.  Where we meet HANGRY&ANGRY designer Gashicon!!!

Calah and I being H&A.

I just liked the pockets...

Hamming it up with some makeup and a wig.

Alyssa's Birthday!

Savanna's birthday!  Then more Sakura Con. -->

Gashicon and I matched as Hangry and Angry.

At the beach with Emily and Manda.

More make up ham!

Super fun last day with Hannah before she went to Japan.  <3  Yuki and Manda too!


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